Watch Doughbeezy & Q.Guyton’s Cold Summer by @doughbeezy @theqguyton

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Doughbeezy & Q.Guyton’s Cold Summer is on fire!!

Doughbeezy & Q.Guyton released their Cold Summer EP this month. Now you can check out the short film that was inspired by the soundtrack. Or vice versa. In it, Dough & Q.Guyton play a pair of trained specialists betrayed by a former set of friends. There’s plenty of subplots but there’s one key mission at hand for Guyton & Doughbeezy. Watch the Cold Summer short film below.















This movie was a very dope visual and I know a second one will be in the works soon. Doughbeezy and Q. Guyton set the bar high for the Summer!. As the visuals came together, it slowly turned into a movie, “Cold Summer”. In this short, a swordsman/hiphop artist Vidi O’Lord(Q. Guyton) joins militant marksman Slow(Doughbeezy) to retrieve stolen information. Host Dj Super Jay joins Buddieroe, Kab tha Don, Philly Phil, Breona Micole, Live Soul, KDogg, Kelo, Corey H, and Mike Will in this joy ride of a visual with music produced by Ben Wade.

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