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Remember Charlie Murphy’s Legacy With These Deep Cuts From His Career

Charlie Murphy will be best remembered for his star-making performances on Chappelle’s Show, but he is more than just his stories about Rick James and Prince. Even his catalog on that show is a little more diverse than you might remember: he once played an Oscar the Grouch parody in the show’s adult version of Sesame Street.

It’s a shame it often takes tragedy to reflect on the full scope of a performer’s career, but we wanted to shine some light on some of the hidden gems from Murphy’s career so fans of his work on Chappelle’s Show can experience all the big-talking comedian had to offer.

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Desiigner – Tiimmy Turner (DJ Premier Remix)

Download or Stream Desiigner – Tiimmy Turner (DJ Premier Remix)


Watch Doughbeezy & Q.Guyton’s Cold Summer by @doughbeezy @theqguyton


Doughbeezy & Q.Guyton’s Cold Summer is on fire!!

Doughbeezy & Q.Guyton released their Cold Summer EP this month. Now you can check out the short film that was inspired by the soundtrack. Or vice versa. In it, Dough & Q.Guyton play a pair of trained specialists betrayed by a former set of friends. There’s plenty of subplots but there’s one key mission at hand for Guyton & Doughbeezy. Watch the Cold Summer short film below. Read More »

Love vs. Money


In the game of Love and Money, who will really prevail? What will you choose? The LOVE which is the most wonderful gift that God given to us or MONEY that will lead you in different places, perspectives and power.

These are certain issues we’re facing everyday especially that money over rule love because practicality comes first. As for example, if a woman fall in love with a man, she’ll critically think first if the man has a penny before she commits with the man who is wooing her. Reality check, we’re facing an economic crisis right now and it’s a given fact if a person will think financial matters first instead of giving a genuine love to their partners. I’m not saying this generally to all the people, I’m just basing this with the kind of society we have today. Do you believe that money is the root of all evil? That’s what many people say because a person can kill or harm others for the sake of money and power. Why just can’t we settle on the saying that love makes the world go roundinstead of laying in a bed of money with unclear conscience. We can’t even bring money to heaven or in hell once we perish here on earth. I’m not underestimating money here, we need it in our everyday needs, the reason of our survival. But love will take you in many ways that money can’t do.