About Me


Who is Killa Tex?

Name: Randy DeWayne Lott-Ransom Alias: Killa Tex HomeTown: Houston, Texas Musical Inspirations: The Whole H-Town movement period……I luv my city Genre: Anything musical About Me: My story a lil different from the other artists I’ve  actually been doing art since I was a kid. Music came into my life when I was 10 years old when that first UGK album came out and I was blown away then I was hooked on music ever since. My Grandparents always pushed me to be the best of me. I fell in love with Beat Making in 2004 after I lost my Pops…The beats took my soul to a quite place to ease my pain from his lost so I took my Artistic mind and converted it into music. I have so much respect for any producer cause this ain’t no cakewalk.