Big Boi Purchases The Dungeon Studio, The Birthplace Of OutKast Music

By Ransom2000 on Jan 19, 2019 in hip hop , Music , News - 0 Comments

Big Boi is going back to his roots with his recent investment into the Atlanta recording studio famously named The Dungeon, where he and Andre 3000 recorded their superior albums at the start of their OutKast career, WSB-TV stated.

The expert rapper, born Antwan Patton, revealed the news via Instagram. The studio is located in the Lakewood Heights neighborhood. The studio at one point was provided as the core for production crew Organized Noize, who produced the beats for several of OutKast’s greatest hits.

The Dungeon also served as a lighthouse of creativity for the group. Apart from OutKast recording their 1994 introduction album ”Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik,” they additionally recorded 1996’s ”ATLiens” and 1998’s ”Aquemini” at The Dungeon.

In purchasing The Dungeon, Big Boi is obtaining an important part of hip-hop history, specifically in consideration of how well-known Atlanta has become in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, this wasn’t always the situation. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he acknowledged that Atlanta wasn’t always admired in creative surroundings like it is at the moment. 

“When we first started, it wasn’t cool to be from Atlanta,” he stated. “Now Atlanta is the place to be with music, film, and television. To have people excited about the city and the culture and the lifestyle, I’m very proud of that. We’re the pioneers of it, and we’re still at the forefront of what’s happening. There’s plenty of people over the years, hundreds if not thousands like, ‘[1994 LP] Southernplayalistic … made me move to Atlanta.’ There’s no greater place in the world to be but A-Town.”

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